NCBW PGC stands against Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During this time, NCBW PGC partners with community organizations to educate the community on the pattern of abusive behaviors that alter the lives of too many of our neighbors and friends.

On Monday, Octber 2, 2017 NCBW PGC was recognized as a partner of an event hosted by the Office of the Sheriffs Department, "Purple Light Nights" . The theme for the event was " Domestic Violence has no place in our community.

On Thursday, Octber 26th, 2017 NCBW PGC hosted a Round Table discussion. Our panel included speakers from the Family Crisis Center, Institue for Creative Community Initiative, Law Enforcement, Law Makers & Survivors. NCBW PGC is committed to addressing the Domestic Violence issue throughout the year.

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